Thursday, August 20, 2009

Good news!! Dedham Receives $500,000 Grant for Installation of Solar Panels on Town Hall and Dept. of Public Works!

Thanks to Ginny et al. for making this happen!!! Dedham will look awesome with solar panels on these important buildings!


August 20, 2009 (617) 428-2007



Congressman Stephen F. Lynch announced that the U.S. House of Representatives has approved $500,000 in federal funding for solar photovoltaic (PV) technology for Dedham Town Hall and the Department of Public Works Building. The funding was included in the Energy and Water Appropriations Act for FY2010, the first step for securing federal funding for local projects.

The Municipal Solar Project is part of the Sustainable Dedham initiative and will cut Dedham’s operating costs while conserving energy. Solar PV technology at Town Hall could save the town $8,919 in the first year while offsetting 1,137 tons of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of planting 5,064 trees. Solar technology for the Department of Public Works Building could save the town $18,650 in the first year while offsetting 2,335 tons of carbon, the equivalent of planting 10,401 trees.

“Solar technology in Dedham will cut costs, create jobs and benefit our environment,” said Congressman Stephen F. Lynch. “This funding would give a real boost to Dedham’s renewable energy efforts.”

Earlier this year, at the request of the Town of Dedham, Congressman Lynch approached Democrat and Republican leaders on the House Appropriations Committee to formally request federal funding for the municipal solar project.

Dedham Town Administrator William Keegan said that the federal funding sought by Congressman Lynch is “an extraordinary step forward for Dedham. Dedham has already been recognized by the Commonwealth as a leader in renewable energy initiatives and this new funding could provide the Town some national recognition for its efforts.”

“I want to commend Congressman Lynch and the Sustainability Advisory Committee on their mutual commitment and effort for a greener community” stated Representative Paul McMurtry. “I am proud to represent a community that has taken a local, proactive approach to global environmental concerns”. McMurtry continued, “Receiving this funding would enable the committee to successfully achieve their goals.”

“We are excited that the work of Ginny LeClair together with Congressman Stephen Lynch and his staff will bring us much closer to getting the needed funds to create solar energy for Dedham and hopefully be a showcase for other multiplicities and businesses. As always, Congressman Lynch continues to help communities in his District receive grants,” said Jim MacDonald, Dedham Selectmen. “We will work with the Congressman and his staff as the funding bill moves along in the process.”

"By partnering with the federal government, small communities like Dedham can take the lead locally in linking clean energy with sustainable economic development and significantly be a model for small businesses who are also actively seeking to reduce energy costs,” Economic Development Director Karen O'Connell noted. “We're helping to send the message that environmentally friendly is also business friendly." She continued, “energy efficient improvements help both your bottom line and the environment with a range of options being available and economically viable.”

“This is a progressive step towards securing the Town’s energy independence and reducing harmful emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels. By installing renewables on municipal buildings the Town is not only reducing its’ operating costs, but showing its commitment to creating a green, sustainable community,” said Virginia Le Clair, Environmental Coordinator for Dedham.

Future Site of Solar Panels!